Brian Evans Photography | Kelsey and Phil - The Ring - Orange County

Kelsey and Phil - The Ring - Orange County

May 03, 2016  •  11 Comments



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i'm a beginner at photography and my aunt has asked me to photograph her wedding, just because she doesnt care if she has fancy pictures or anything, she would probably not mind it if her pctures were taken with a disposable camera haha but she wanted to let me practice my photography
I am very happy to visit in the blog. I see in the blog some beautiful images of the some people. I am appreciate in the work. Thanks for sharing in the information.
These images are really very nice and piece of art. The photographer knows his job well, keep posting more of your work.
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I always fond of photographers who can make such alive pictures. It really makes me feel like I'm in there.
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I like these all capturing photos and I like it. I also want to enjoy this type of events.
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