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Indie Ryan Evans - The Tribe - Brea, CA

July 31, 2015  •  2 Comments

Words by Jessica...

In the midst of it all, I often try to pause and reflect on life’s surreal moments - dancing in the rain on a summer day, the quiet calm that follows diving out of a plane, watching ocean waves crash as the sun rises, cuddling your puppy on a Sunday morning, the raw emotion of walking down the aisle to the one you love - just to name a few. I try not to compare, but rather enjoy each moment for what it is. Sometimes I know when one is coming and other times I don’t realize it until it has passed. On Saturday, July 18, I knew one was coming…

After 10 months of pregnancy and 11.5 hours of labor and delivery, Brian and I were given one of the most beautiful and surreal moments of our lives - we met our daughter, Indie Ryan, for the very first time. She came on a rainy afternoon in July - 3:28 p.m. When the nurse placed her skin-to-skin on my chest, Brian and I looked at each other with tears and joy in our eyes. 

The hospital room was busy with nurses and the doctor coming in and out to perform their post-birth tasks, but all I could see was the most beautiful tiny human and my incredibly loving, supportive husband. 

Nothing in this world could have prepared Brian and I for the overwhelming love and joy we felt in that moment and every moment with Indie since then. I didn’t understand what people meant when they said a baby would change our lives forever. I thought they meant we would be exhausted from not sleeping or we wouldn’t be able to do things we once did very easily. I realize though, it wasn’t about that at all - it changes your understanding of life itself. The past two weeks, I have found myself perfectly content just staring at her beautiful eyes, rosy cheeks, tiny hands and feet all day without another care. I love every moment. 

One day, we hope to show her the world and she will experience her own surreal moments… until then, Brian and I (Rooney too) will enjoy the one we are in.


Cassie McNulty(non-registered)
SO SO SO Happy for the two ... three... of you! Indie is absolutely beautiful and reminds me of why I love being a mother. Their perfect little hands and fat cheeks. Swaddled up all tight, perfectly asleep. UGH...Total Bliss. Congratulations and thanks for passing on the baby fever! Sending lots of love from our family to yours!
Holly Bliss(non-registered)
I read this and was overcome with chills. The photos are stunning and Jessica's words filled with such beauty and truth. Congratulations. Indie Ryan is blessed. Continue to enjoy all the moments, and please continue to capture and share this journey with us! Love to all four of you!
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